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Thank you for your prayers

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Well we made it thru the tornado,my family's ok.We lost a cat and a lot of possessions,but all the stuff can be replaced.I lost my mes,my gas grill and all my smoking/cooking tools but my rf build was tossed about 30 ft ,broke the latched and gauges but didn't break a weld,lol.I will try and get pics up soon.always remember.God is in control.icon14.gif
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Wow !!!!


Very sorry to hear of your losses, but sure am glad all are well !





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Glad you all made it thru OK. Saw a bunch of pics on the news and I will take Earthquakes any day

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Glad your OK. From the photo's we've seen it looks like a bomb went off down there.

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Glad to hear it wasn't worse.  Those things are no fun.  Best to you and yours.

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Glad to hear everybody made it through OK...... sorry for the loss of the cat. Now you know the best fuel to use wood/charcoal..... apperantly Mother Nature vetod the MES & the gasser.... lol.

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Glad to hear that you and the family are ok. Still praying for you guys.

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Hi  I am Glad thet you and the family are ok sorry for the cat , we saw it on tv  here in cape town, looks bad.

sorry cant help, to far away.



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Very glad to hear ya'll made it through that. Sorry for your losses but the most important thing is ya'll survived.

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