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IMG_0241.JPGDid my 1 st spareribs yesterday.I did a modified 3-2-1 method 3 hrs unfoiled 1 hr foiled with apple bourban 1 hr unfoiled to tighten up the sauce.I wanted the meat to stay on the bone yet when you took a bite it woul fall off i nailed it.IMG_0242.JPG

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Those ribs look so delicious and juicy. I'm so ready to start smoking.

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Great Looking Ribs...

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Nice smoke ring!!!!! Must have been tasty!
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They're looking good from where I'm sitting.  Great Job!drool.gif

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Now those are some delicious looking ribs, David!

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Oh my gawd...  those ribs are so beautiful....  it's like food porn...

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Ugh, it's 9:20 in the morning and now I'm starving  help.gif


I hope mine look like that this weekend. Bravo!

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Great looking ribs. Look mighty tasty

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Looks like it time to fire it up after seeing this. Thanksbiggrin.gif

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Looking Good!!!!!!  Great pics!!

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Great looking ribs.

That dish with the sauce in it is just like my Moms set.

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