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I have recently acquired a IH fridge, and am currently designing my build.  I am kind of torn between electric or propane. I am leaning towards propane, but I am scared I will be filling my tank every 2 or 3 smokes.  Can anyone give me a rough estimate on how much gas I would go through? I understand it depends on smoke times, but even a close guesstimate would be helpful. Thanks in advance for your help!  Just finished my UDS, and well  I'M HOOKED. A fridge smoker is my next toy!

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If you have access to 240v, I would go for electric.  You won't have to mess with it as much. I thought about doing a propane setup out of an oven so i would have good temp control but electric was easier for me.  And in that big of a smoker I don't want to risk lossing 100+ lbs of meat cause temps got too high while I was sleeping overnight.  just my 2 cents.

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Now I have so many tanks that I really can't tell you how many smokes that you will get from a tank but you will get enough and all the good tasting food that you will get from your smoker won't matter how much it cost you to make food that taste that good.

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I would go Electric but if you do decide on propane you can always get a 100# tank if you want or several 20# tanks...

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use electric can set it an not worry thats what i did

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