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My first spare ribs w/view

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I realized this week that I have only ever done ribs on the weber, so today is the day.  Picked up two racks of spares last night and rubbed them with meowey's rub, wrapped them up and back into the fridge until this morning.  Here are some pics of them just before they go in the smoker.  Smoking them at about 230* with some cherry and hickory.  Going to try the 3-2-1 method, maybe 3-1.5-1.5 as i do prefer a little chew to the meat.



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off to a good start, love me some spares

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Good start will look for the finished qview

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Well, I think you're on the road towards a great smoke, and Q too. It's all good my friend.

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Watching and waiting!  You can snack on some of those little pieces as they will certainly finish before the big boys! 

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I have snacked on a couple of those little pieces already.  However,my ribs are putting up a worthy fight, the meat didn't start pulling away from the ends of the bone for nearly four hours, don't know why.  So i just foiled them even though there is not much pulling away the internal temp was nearly 160*.  They will be fine I'm sure they are just stubborn I guess, I have learned no to get too worried when smoking as the meat will tell you when its done.  Should have pics in about an hour.

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Ribs are done and they are delicious, I had to fight the vultures off so I could get pics.



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That meat pulled back real nice!


Looks Great!




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icon_cool.gifIf you are fighting the wild vultures off to take pictures I sounds like you did one fine job.

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Sweet heaven i can almost smell those.  thanks for the photo!  where'd you get that gigantic cutting board?

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Those are some great looking racks!  The pull back and bark looks real nice.  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif


Kevin - Sam's Club has a similar cutting board that's 15"x20" for $10.  I love it, I can lay a full rack or packer brisket out on it.  Also, if you have one of the Ross stores near by I noticed in ours the other day they had a huge heavy wooden board for only $20 that supposedly retailed for over $60.  The wife gave me that look when I picked it up so I'll have to go back without her! icon_twisted.gif

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