trouble with Brinkman Electric smoker

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by lindab, Jul 5, 2013.

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    My Brinkman smoker quit working today!  I transferred all the meat to the oven to finish cooking.  Any ideas?  Is it the electronics? Do I need to just buy another one?  I love to smoke meat.

  2. HELLO.  Would you ind swinging by Roll call so that we can give you a proper welcome.  Also your location may be of some help later on for advice.  BUT 1st, to this question.  We need more info other than it's broke.  So limber up those typing fingers and give us the WHOLE story start to smoker stop including weather conditions.  I ain't teasin ya here.  Weather MAY be a factor.  Hope we can help.

  3. lindab

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    I read your message, not sure how to respond to roll call.  We started smoking, and it was heating up nicely. Next time I checked, the temp was going down and down.  It was cloudy, temp outside was upper 80's. Hubby figures electronics went out.  I am thinking just go get a new one, but I don't know where to turn.  I like the concept of the Brinkman, and it has been great until now. Good thing I have an oven!!!
  4. OK.  So no lightning.  I don't have that smoker but I am sure there is a reset button somewhere on the unit.  Check your booklet.  Does everything else work in the house ie no breaker tripped.  Did you try a different socket?  The temp control could have a bad spot on it or be dirty.  Rotate it back and forth fast several times.  Plug it in and set it to top temp.  Then lowest temp.  Anything?  Now here we go.  Look at the electronics board if you you can get to it.  Many times they have a fuse, like an old glass fuse on them.  Check that out.  Last option: plug it in to working socket, turn it on full heat, and give it a good WHACK on the side nearest electronics.  Now I know that sounds silly but electronics will sometimes become dirty and a whack MAY sort it out.  If not, you have lost nothing.  Good luck


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