Peanut satay chicken ( sorta )

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  1. Trying something new today. Have done this sauce before on chicken skewers and such on the grill.
    First filet breasts out a bit then smash em out between wax paper.

    put em back in the fridge to stiffen a bit while I put the sauce together

    sorry about no presice measurements on the sauce but its mostly to your taste.

    start withe 18 oz of chunky peanut butter ( I like jiff )

    add about 4 oz of soy sauce ( teriaki will work too !! )

    then to taste I add brown sugar

    fresh grated ginger

    bout 5 garlic cloves , crushed and chopped

    red pepper flakes

    dash of maple syrup ( I like a sweet peanut sauce )

    at this point it is on the stove on simmer

    it will need thinning , I use whatever soda pop I have on hand !! Yes , soda pop . Today its diet orange soda. Works great , keeps it sweet like I want and doesnt distort the basic flavor of the sauce.

    want the sauce the consistancy of a thick bbq sauce. Then spread it on the flattened breasts

    Then I just rolled em up. Kinda messy actually. next time I may try just cutting a pocket in da breasts and filling with sauce. Wish I had rememberd to get bacon also. Woulda wrapped em and maybe woulda been less sloppy

    I think they should hold together o.k. I will be basting with sauce throughout cook Here is how they looked goin on. updates to follow.
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    G-Grilla...Nice!!!! I too love Peanut or peanut butter based marinades or sauces. Looks cool & great idea....Points to you!.....Keep us posted on the results.
  3. holding togrther fine . peanut sauce acting like a glue !! Turned and applied more sauce.Bout 50 minutes at 300
  4. Finito ! yum
  5. YUMMMM....that certainly looks good!

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