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  1. cal1956

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    today was our (me and wife ) 1st ever attempt at making smoked sausage , got the meat grinder in early this morning on fed ex and went to work , cutting up ( 3 ) pork butts ....easy........... grinding them up ...easy stuffing them with the meat grinder ......HARD !!!!!! 

    now I understand why you old timers use a separate stuffer , I just had to try doing it with the meat grinder for myself but now...... NEVER , EVER , NEVER AGAIN

    I will be ordering a sausage stuffer very soon 

    25lbs of sausage using a meat grinder thanks !!!!!!
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  2. cal1956

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    this is the  sausage after it came off the smoker...couldn't have asked for it to taste any better !!!!!!!

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  3. daveomak

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    When using the grinder as a stuffer, it will work, kind of, if you chunk and season the meat, chill it well, grind and stuff in the same operation.... once ground, the meat doesn't like to go through the stuffer again... it mushes past the auger because the stuffing pressure is too high...
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  4. cal1956

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    never having made sausage before I really didn't understand the need for a separate stuffer ....NOW  I DO

    the sausage turned out great,  but I swear I haven't worked that hard since I was in my 20s .  if i was only stuffing 3-5 lbs  of sausage I might do it that way again

    but 25 lbs  oooooooooh hell no ,

    I knew you old hands at this used a separate stuffer but being hard headed and NOT knowing any better I thought , hell the grinder has a stuffing attachment why not just use it . NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY
  5. Ahhh Grasshopper,  with experience comes wisdom![​IMG]
  6. I have made a lot of sausage and have never even thought about using my grinder for a stuffer. I got a Lem stuffer and have never looked back.

    Happy smoken.

  7. cal1956

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    well I can tell you that it will work , but its an awful lot of work poking ground meat into that little hole plus its slow as hell  .....I am now on the hunt for a separate stuffer !!!!

     I will say that the meat grinder that I bought from harbor freight works great for grinding , went through 25 lbs of meat like butter and you can't beat the price  $ 56.00
  8. tjdcorona

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    Harbor freight !! Love that place!

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