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  1. Hi,

    I have my brisket on the smoker but the temp is up at 300!!!!  I am using the water pan.  How can I get this temp down in a hurry??  I guess I may have added to much fuel
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    you could choke down the oxygen but that might cause some thick smoke.  What kind of smoker are you using also add some ice to the water pan.
  3. Thanks!  I am using the Brikman Smoke N Grill.  No real way to choke down the O2.  I added some ice cubes to the water tray.  I had charcoal plus 3 small chunks of hickory in there.  I took 2 of the chunks out.  Hopefully it will come down some now
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    That is a take on the ECB i believe yea no real way to choke the oxygen the good thing is you can cook a brisket at 300 you just have to pay real close attention to the internal temps of the meat so you don't dry it out.
  5. ugghhhh.  Now I have no smoke being generated and the temp is still around 350.  This sucks!
  6. Open the door/lid and dump some heat....
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    Open the lid and let some heat out!
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    Beat me to it...
  9. If your smoking chips/chunks caught on fire (instead of smoking/smoldering) this can also cause a temporary heat spike.  Do you have white billowing smoke coming out of that thing or just real light blue thin smoke?

    Also, are you using the factory thermometer or do you have a decent reliable thermo giving you those temp readings?
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  10. I just opened the door to let some heat out.  Before I have some light blue smoke coming out of it.  I bought a good thermo and calibrated it last night.  I am using charcoal and had added a couple small bits of hickory to it
  11. I have no smoke right now
  12. This might be because your wood caught fire and spiked the temps....

    By 'door' do you mean the side access door on your smoker?  If so, that's not going to let out much heat... it's actually going to give your charcoal more air and possibly increase the temps inside your smoker.  If you need to dump heat on your type of smoker, pull the lid... not the door.  Sorry if I confused you up above....
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  13. I have a small amount of light blue smoke right now
  14. after it being on the smoker for 56 minutes the internal temp is 150
  15. I just checked again and with the door opened about 1/4 of they way I am holding temp at about 250.  Problem seems to be the smoke is now coming out the door.  I looked in and saw that the wood chunk was flaming not smoldering.  Any ideas on how to control that?
  16. OK, that's a good thing!

    What IT are you shooting for?

    And what's your smoker temp?
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  17. If you're tossing the chunks right on the charcoal, you can either pre-soak the chunks in water for about an hour (probably not going to help you much right now) or wrap them in heavy duty foil, punch a few small holes in the foil and toss the foil pack onto the coals
  18. I am shooting for 170 IT then wrap in foil until 190
  19. Well if you're at 150 now and want to keep pouring smoke to it before you foil wrap... try putting some chunks in HD alum foil with some holes before tossing onto the coals.  I would recommend pre-soaking your chunks next time if you want to toss them right onto the coals.  You can even wrap pre-soaked chunks in HD foil.. just takes longer to start producing smoke.

    And again, if you get a nasty temp spike just pull the lid or even crack it a bit... since heat rises it's a quick way to dump heat in your type of smoker.

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    Sounds like you had way too much lit charcoal................Next time add half the charcoal lit from a chimney and add unlit lump charcoal over the top and add 1 Chunk of desired wood (pre soaked the day before) down into the coals every hr and  try to maintain your desired temp before putting the meat on. Those smokers take getting used to maintaining a desired temp.  You'll have to play around with it.... Hope this helps


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