First Firefighter BBQ competition. (With pics)

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  1. Me and my boy Damon competed in our first competition. It was a backyard competition. We cooked ribs and a people's choice pork butt. We cooked our ribs on a GMG Daniel Boone and our pork butt on a Big Green Egg.


    We won first place in our division. We had a blast it was fun meeting new people.
    We won $1000 dollars which we donated to our benevolent for one of our brothers who is fighting cancer.
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  2. dukeburger

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    Ribs look awesome, congrats on your win!

  3. Nice jon on the win! And definitely admirable to donate your winnings!
  4. Great job on the win and fantastic job on the donation of the winnings. :points: for that.
  5. Congratulations.  I have never been in a competition before but your post has inspired me and now I'm thinking of maybe having a father and son team as my father and I both enjoy smoking meat. 
  6. bdskelly

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    Nice jog Guys! b

  7. bauchjw

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    Great job! :points:
    Great to read about a fun time, admirable accomplishment, and generous support to a friend!
  8. Congrats!  I was thinking about starting a firefighter chili cook off in my area as a fundraiser this year.  I'd like to do a BBQ competition but not too many people around my area have smokers. 
  9. Missed this thread before. Congrats and I hope you had a lot of fun doing it.
  10. worktogthr

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    Very cool thread! Congrats on your win and that's awesome that you donated your winnings to those in need! Points!
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  11. Where are you located?
  12. Blasdell, NY just a couple mile south of buffalo
  13. twospoiled

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    I bet there are more than you think! I'm in Depew and I love to have weekend pit wars with my neighbor!
  14. Wilson here,on the shore of lake Ontario
    Looking for others in the area for smoking, anyone up this way?
  15. sauced

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    Congratulations!!! Those ribs look delicious!!!  [​IMG]



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