brisket, with ABTs, a fatty, and more

Discussion in 'Beef' started by chris_harper, Oct 1, 2007.

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    Today’s smoke consisted of a 10LB brisket, 2 dozen ABTs, a pack of beef little smokies, 3LBS of country style pork ribs (bone-in), and a fatty (Owens brand; Italian flavor). I sprinkled Jeff's rib rub on the brisket and the ribs. I stuffed six of the jalapenos with cream cheese, and the rest with colbyjack.
    The ribs were 4 bones covered with meat. They were for my wife and my daughter. Both of them loved them.
    The cream cheese ABTs were for my wife. She liked them, so I will be making some like that for her from now on. We all ate some of the little smokies. I ate about ¼ of the fatty. I thought it tasted kinda like “Eckrich†smoked sausage. I made a batch of Wicked Beans.
    We fed Hunter some of the beans and the little smokies. He loved them. I gave him a bite of the fatty too.
    I only got pics of the brisket- whole and sliced. We all know what ABTs, fattys, little smokies, and ribs look like anyway.
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    Nice brisket. Musta been brisket week <end> in the world. I did an 11 Lb packer myself, and several others round busted out with them too...

    I split mine- easier to deal with

    Finished tip

    And, had to do ribs. Habit forming buggers!

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