Yoder Cheyenne Offset Smoker - Wichita KS

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by kcphilaflyer, Sep 15, 2014.

  1. kcphilaflyer

    kcphilaflyer Fire Starter

    Selling my Yoder Cheyenne, it's been a great learner but have outgrown it and have upgraded to its bigger brother the Kingman.

    It's a little over 2 years old, has always been covered and comes with the heat mgmt plate, addtl trutel thermo I installed, cover and charcoal basket.

    All of those items new would run around $1,100 w/ taxes, so at $650, about a 40% discount on great smoker.  Local pickup only, and haven't listed it on craigslist yet, wanted to give people around here first dibs, but will list it there in the next week.

    For specific dimensions, google it and you can find everything you'd want to know.

    Located in Wichita, KS
  2. bluesdaddy56

    bluesdaddy56 Newbie

    Nice. I need someone in the Atlanta area to be selling this (or something similar). I want a small off set for the backyard, but don't want to pay for new. Best of luck. I'm sure someone will jump on that.
  3. kcphilaflyer

    kcphilaflyer Fire Starter

    Lowering price to $550, 50% off full price.

    If I don't sell at this price, I will hold onto during the winter and try again in the spring.
  4. btochman

    btochman Newbie

  5. kcphilaflyer

    kcphilaflyer Fire Starter

    yes is it, I sent you an email
  6. murphya

    murphya Newbie

    Is this still available?  If so, very interested.
  7. blaw

    blaw Newbie

    Hi all. I know this is an older thread, but starting to do some research on charcoal/wood smokers and interested in the offset smoker setup. I currently have an MES30 and am giving serious consideration into a WSM 18.5 as my first leap into charcoal/wood. 

    I found great information on the Yoder Cheyenne, and wanted feedback about what you like/didn't like about it along with ease of use, temperature consistency, and results/taste of food. 

    Appreciate the help,

  8. ascmac88

    ascmac88 Newbie

    Is this smoker still available?
  9. jresurreccion

    jresurreccion Newbie

    Is this still available?

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