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WSM question I think I already know the answer to


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Hey all,
I have a 22in WSM that I got because I thought “what if I needed the space” but I find i light it up rarely because I usually am only cooking for small amount of people. What are your opinions and or experiences between the 22 and 18? If you have both which do you use more? I might be wondering if it makes sense to sell the 22 and get an 18. Thanks!


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I have to the 22”. I’m in the same boat where I don’t smoke much more food than a couple butts and ribs on it. But I made the mistake with my first smoker (MES30) I regretted not getting the bigger size. For me I didn’t want to have to trim ribs again, and never wanted to worry about a brisket fitting, so I got the 22” and am happy I did. Plenty of room to work with and not feel like I have to pick things in. I’ve heard of people using the 18” charcoal ring to help save charcoal but once it’s actually fired up I don’t think the 22” uses that much more fuel to keep going. I know the 22” can burn a lot longer without adding charcoal also


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Charcoal is cheap. I have both an 18 and a 22. I bought the 18 first. Had I bought the 22 first, I would not own the 18.

The 22 is just more convenient because of the space. I burn lump charcoal only, and since it can be re lit, I waste little of it.

As far as not using the additional space because I'm cooking for a smaller group, :emoji_laughing: I don't approach it that way.

I have been known to, and will not hesitate to fire it up to cook one rack of ribs. Again, charcoal is cheap. And were I still using briquettes, such as Kingsford, it's dirt cheap.

If I could only have one, it would be the 22, no question.
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A WSM 18 was my first smoker. I recently upgraded to a gravity style because I wanted more cook space and some autonomy.

If I had a WSM 22 I might not have needed to upgrade.

I’d keep the 22.

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