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    Hello everyone, well my friend next door is no longer bitching about the smoke. I moved the smoker to keep peace in my house and the hood. Does that sound getto? sorry, not a good speller. Question, Up here in mass. it is hard to get apple wood. Got 20# on ebay with shipping 28 bucks. The wood is 6 months old. Does not seem to smoke as well as the dried. Should I let it sit for the next three months or buy wood that is dried. The dried wood I got produced much more smoke. Any help would be great. My son will be leaving for the war with the Marines in two weeks. he is home this weekend and i am doing his favorite baby backs. him and his pals want me to do 10 racks and a lot of beer. God i hope it gets above freezing. Its hard to stand outside and drink beer. Wife caught me going well you know, behind the shed. Told me to grow up. I told her she should learn to use the smoker and help out. She then told me to grow up again.Does anyone know how much wood and how long it would take me to make her in to a bigger jerky :)

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