Wish injectables, sauses, rubs and marinades had own theads for each for ease of use.

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michael ark

Master of the Pit
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Feb 11, 2011
Jonesboro Ar
Some brines ,marinades and sauces don't dont inject and vice versa .Makes it hard to find what you are looking for.I know you can just put them in search but all kinds of stuff comes up. i put injectables in and their were threads about a bike meet i think they mean motercycles but not sure.Anyways surely i'm not alone.

Love this site.Over 120 post for injecting alone.Brines take to long to long to get penatration and dond get spices into meats core. 
What kind of injection are you looking for?
Well i have some 1 1/4 thick chops in the freezer. what do you have in mind.I do alot of viniger or fruit juice  injections.
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