Wind, temp drop = no goose

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by navychop, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. Well, our 73 degree day here near DC has gone away. Down to 60. Winds steady and rather high. Had a short bout of rain. Can't seem to get my Weber Bullet over 213. I have a 10 lb goose and a 7 lb chicken in there, both upright on lower grid where temp probe is. I can put my hand on top of the Bullet it's so cool. Added charcoal. Started more in chimney to add fully blazing. Can't get it over 213-217 when I was shooting for 225. Can't use oven, that's for the lamb, etc. Was shooting for 6 p.m. for goose, guessing at 5 hours. Supper will be no later than 7, no matter what. 13 people. Chicken was a backup to goose (1st try).

    Looks like my goose isn't gonna get cooked. I'll keep whaling away at it, trying to up the temp, but does anybody have any suggestions? If it drops below 200, I'll have to remove it, done or not, and maybe finish it late tonight or tomorrow in the oven, after the lamb is out. [​IMG]

    Makes me think maybe a ceramic smoker is a good investment after all.
  2. deejaydebi

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    Can you construct something for a wind block ASAP?
  3. homebrew & bbq

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    Sorry about the weather problems. Wind can really be a pain when you're working on a smoke. If the oven is not an option, do you or someone nearby have an electric roaster?

    Just be careful and don't let those birds set for too long at temps below 140 degrees. The links in this thread can help you judge what "too long" means.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck.
  4. walking dude

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    what debi said........anyway to get it outta the wind.......the wind is the culprit

  5. Yes. Thanks. I can't move it to a good place to block the wind, since it's "hot." My windbreak was too flimsy. I wish I'd have kept the plywood around. Right now, I've got it up to 221. Gotta get creative on a wind block. A guest suggested wrapping it in fiberglass batts. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Sure wish the foreguess I'd seen said something about wind!
  6. mobcounty

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    I have resorted to wrapping my ECB in tinfoil before and it worked pretty good. Just throw a few loops around the top and call'er done!
  7. walking dude

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    fiber glass bats are good.......just make sure nothing is floating around when you take the meat out.......don't need any fiberglass fibers floating around the food...........
  8. sisco

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    15 degrees here this morning when I fired the smoker up, covered it with a welding blanket and it held 225 deg. just fine. Didn't have any wind though.
  9. gofish

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    Bob Ryan, Sue Palka, Doug Hill, and their fill-ins ...... all use crystal balls to forecast/guess. Your rains/winds just hit me about 45 minutes ago[​IMG]. I keep a moving quilt handy for these windy fall & winter days, they are a life saver to keep heat in.

    Hope your goose dint goose your plans!
  10. walking dude

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    no problem with a moving blanket getting to hot?

    if NOT........what a WONDERFUL idea for a mid size stickburner

    i know the fire box is hot enuff........but the part you worry about is the smokeing chamber

  11. Moving blankets!

    <dope slap to head>

    I've got many!

    Anyway, got temp up briefly to 230. Well, actually, the wind died down. So I pulled them out at 6, at 217 degrees, both are beautiful and the thermometer says done just right. I'll post later on how edible they are.

    Many thanks for all the posts!

    BTW, some of the guests were bringing dessert. Wind/rain hit them, west end of Loudoun, killed their power. So they came early, to finish prep here. Kitchen very, very crowded.
  12. walking dude

    walking dude Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    about two hours ago, i would of traded crowded kitchens with you.....lolol

    kewl.......glad it turned out good for you....

  13. OK- The proof of the pudding, etc.

    We planned on having about twice as much food as we needed. Ended up with at least 3 times as much food as people could eat. Only ate about half the lamb. Decided not to serve the chicken, since there was so much else.

    And the goose? It was superb! In fact, I'll cook it again. Very little of that left over. I think I'll write down the recipe, and maybe post it.

    I cooked it vertically, so it would drain. The fat went into this tray at the bottom of the goose. When I lifted the goose out, I decided to just pour this into the water pan in the smoker, so I wouldn't spill any walking it thru the house to the kitchen. Went inside and forgot about the smoker for a while. Left the lid off, figuring it would die down and use up what fuel was left.

    The fire was spectacular! After a few minutes in that water pan, which was half full of apple juice and water, the goose fat must have reached the ignition point, or caught an ember. The flames were easily twice as high as the smoker. Had to cover it, as the tree it was trying to set afire would have taken the house with it.

    But everybody loved the goose! [​IMG]
  14. deejaydebi

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    Gee will we be seeing this in the Navy Christmas Safety Gram? I'm tired of just reading about turkey fryers and Christmas lights anyway! [​IMG]
  15. jaynik

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    I'm familiar with that fire! :-D Good job on the birds. Now you know that grease is a killer!

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