"Winch" Setup for Fire Basket/Dual Purpose

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Aug 29, 2009
Gravette, AR
  after delays and lack of "discretionary" funds and a little procrastination...I am starting the build.

Not getting too far out of the norm, but am thinking one major mod/improvement/debalce.

I am thinking I want to use this as smoker and grill thus want movable basket. I know I could add a set of eyelet hooks to "hang" the fire basket on. i think I am going to "cable" it with thin steel cable and a small hand winch to crank it up and down as needed.

Sounds like I'm creating a lot of work, but looking for opinions. Tried it? Better Idea? stay away from dual purpose smoker/family grill?

Thoughts, ideas and quips welcome. Thanks

Bill P.
sounds like a cool build don't forget the pic's.. if you are going to use a hand wench try a boat trailer wench they work real well and are easy to use..
I put my fire basket up on a higher rack for grilling.  I just like the K.I.S.S. method (Keep It Simple Stupid) . It will reach 600* at the lid on mine.


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