where to install BBQ GURU on Brinkman Trail master and other mods

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  1. I just recently bought a Brinkman trail master and want to install my bbq guru on it. The last time I installed one of these it ended up blowing ash all over my chamber and meat. Where is the best placement for the fan, and is there any other mods I should do to take advantage of this smoker? I've noticed it's uneven heat (of course) so I'm trying to find a quick fix for this until I can get some tuning plates made. I'm waiting on some rtv and gasket to seal the cracks.

    I know there are other threads in this and I'm looking around but there is a ton to sift through. ...we need stickies for each smoker with mods so that it can eliminate some of this repetitive stuff...anyway thanks for the help I have learned so much from everyone on here
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    The trail master is very close to my oklahoma joe. I just recently bought a iq 110 pitmaster. And had to adjust my mods big time. After my first smoke. My issue was getting my smoker up to temp. By independently letting the iq do all the work. I quickly found out that I needed to get my smoker up to temp conventionally then cut the iq on. I also had to cut some of my baffle out that I had over the opening and remove a tuning plate and spread out the rest. Then I threw away the "dog bowl" attachment that covered the entire vent , and fabricated a piece of pipe on the moving part of the vent . I positioned to where the air blows right under my charcoal basket. This way when I need more heat I can still utilise the vent then when it reaches temp I can close the vent and the iq will maintain temps perfectly. Las[IMG ALT="BB after a
    Most 6 hour smoke."]http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/content/type/61/id/339807/width/350/height/700[/IMG]
    t weekends ribs came out perfect. Weekend before ..... Not so good.
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    By the way which guru did you get? And what size fan?
  4. I'll have to double check that in a little bit on the size of the fan. I was using this same one on my horizontal charbroiler smoker a few years ago

    Do you have any issues with the ash blowing into the chamber or on your food?
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    No. I had seen a you tube clip where this guy had installed his fan on the opposite side of his fire box.for that very reason, But no don't have any issues with that. Probably because I have installed a baffle over opening the I have diffuser plates (leftover tile I cut) installed. This iq 110 Max's out at 16 cfm I believe. And I think yours is probably a 25 cfm fan. I guess it boils down to where you position it. However before I modded out my smoker I had made a poor mans guru from a fireplace pipe and computer blower, when I turned it on it blew ash all over the place lol. That's one of the reasons why I decided to purchase something that doesn't blow the paint off and actually regulates. I really wanted the guru but wasn't in my budget. Any ways here is a picture of my poor mans guru when I first purchased my ok. Joe.
  6. Found the best damn rtv ever....it blends in great wit
    h the smoker hiding the mod and sealed the smoker great with 1/4 tube
  7. Oh and here is the guru I'm going to try to install at the vent area and Seal the gap left after cutting

  8. I'm wondering how much of a difference it would make if I installed the guru under the main chamber side of the fsb blowing in the opposite direction

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