What toys do you use with your pellet smoker?

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  1. Besides the basic utensils, what other items do you use when working with your pellet smoker?

    For myself I can't live with out my Maverick ET-732 and this handy little vacuum from Home Depot that attaches to 5 gallon buckets.



    I pickup food grade 5 gallon buckets for $3.50 at a local restaurant supply store.  I attach the vac to the bucket and vacuum out the hopper.  Makes it easy to switch between flavors.  I just burn what is in the auger during startup.  I only have two flavors but still nice to be able to switch easily.

    What toys/tools do you use?
  2. seenred

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    I like your idea about the shop vac and buckets.  That would certainly make changing from one pellet flavor to another much easier.  Thanks for sharing that!

    My standard toys are my Maverick (I have the older version, ET-73) and my 12" AMNTS smoker tube for some extra smoke on higher-temp cooks.  I have a larger (10 gallon, I think) shop vac that I use to clean the ashes out of the pit about every other smoke.

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    I use Thermoworks Thermapen for checking temp on my meats.  I tend to use it more for checking how easily it goes through the meat then for temp.  But it is probably the most accurate temp probe you can find.  It is the same one a lot of the Health Inspectors use.  I also have Firebricks on the bottom of my grill to help regulate and quickly recover cooking temp when the door is opened.  
    You actually clean it that often.  Is it more for your personal choice or is that what the manufacturer recommends.  I usually clean it out every 150lbs to 200lbs of pellets.

    Wish I could find preformed alumni liners for the pail.  Would make it a whole bunch easier then praying the foil i put in there does not rip or tear.
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    Nah, its only because I'm kinda anal about being neat.  Actually I have to resist the urge to vacuum it out after every cook.  Probably, after the "new" wears off, I'll relax a little and clean it out a little less often.

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    I too have the Home Depot bucket vac.  For cleaning the GMG DB it works great.  Then when I need to clean out the hopper it works for that too.  The best device I purchased is the AMNTS that really gives you a great smoke without any hassle at all.  I can use the 6" for ribs and the 12" for butt roasts.  It's a superb product.  Then throw in the Maverick ET-732 and Frogmats and the system cooks better than anything I've ever used.  It's a lot of fun.   [​IMG]
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