What are your top 3 all-time favorite western movies?

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pit 4 brains

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Dec 16, 2009
Summerville, SC
He'll on Wheels (all 5 seasons)
Lonesome Dove
Dances With Wolves
Jeremiah Johnson

Man, I could go on and on.
The only mention for Jeremiah Johnson. My all time best best movie.
My dad's last words to me were "watch your top knot!" I replied, " Yup, watch yourn." Then the phone was handed off.

I watch that movie every time I mess with leather or shoot and clean my black powder..


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Feb 8, 2021
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I sure am. There is a station called KHYI that plays that kind of stuff and other amazing music as well. No sexy tractor songs on it and you can get bands and songs played years before the artist may ever make it big.

Heard lots of Tyler Childers, Chris Stapleton, Zac Brown Band, Brent Cobb, Chris Knight, etc. years before they got any notoriety or got enlisted to write songs for big name artists. Also you will hear anything from Hank Sr. to Blue Grass to some relevant people out there breaking through today that are not normal mainstream Pop-Country :)

You can find KHYI the Range online and listen here for free:

Enjoy it!
Real music, real musicians, real instruments. Too bad the conglomerate record companies and media outlets won't give them a chance!

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Dec 30, 2016
Real music, real musicians, real instruments. Too bad the conglomerate record companies and media outlets won't give them a chance!

Yep. That is why I'm lucky I have a radio station that plays the real stuff. The Texas music scene has/had a considerable window to allow folks like that in so we can hear their great music and allows them to have some success.

The scene it's support has had better days, but it's still around which I'm very grateful for. :)
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Jun 23, 2011
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Sort of to add my earlier gripe about stuffing singers into Westerns:
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 1973, which is a terrible Sam Peckinpah movie, and he didn't make many clunkers. Not only did he star a 36 year-old Kris Kristopherson as a teenage Billy, they also squeezed in Bob Dylan as a side character, for no particular reason, except he was Bob Dylan.
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Jun 4, 2018
Tough call
I grew up on John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, lots of tv shows, and Audie Murphy movies.
Mosey Wales has always been a favorite, The Searchers, Marshall Dillion for tv shows
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Sep 7, 2013
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Sergio Leone only made like seven spaghetti westerns, but his closeup, time-freezing, tension-building style is stamped on each one. People love 'em or hate 'em. I'm on the love 'em side, but not in my top three. Once Upon a Time in the West came close, though.
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