Well my car did it again!

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Jun 22, 2007
Brandon, Florida
Well, my car got me a new BBQ Grillware vertical smoker! I went to Lowes at lunch for some weed killer for my son's eagle project tomorrow. While driving back to the office, I kept hearing this kinda clanking tinging noise. Darn I thought, the car need repairing. Then I noticed it seemed to be coming from INSIDE the car and it was annoying me. So, I pulled over to inspect. I opened the back door, and to my surprise, there with the back seats folded down to expand the trunk sat a brand new fully assembled BBQ Grillware vertical smoker!
It brought tears to my eyes, and I just had to hug my car, how did she know!
And there was a little note saying good luck and theres also a bag of chips and some accessories for you. So now, me and the boys
are going to get reinforcements
and take it home

Does FlaGriller live to see the morning?
Do you rent the car on weekends?
Like I said in the other thread, mine got me a GOSM yesterday but it still needs some more training. Today I went to Wally-World and all I found in the trunk when I got home was a little Old Lady
The patent answer...I leave it in the garage. Then mention, I think I'll put that smoker I got a while back together. "WHAT SMOKER?" You know, the one on sale. "NO" Oh come on, remember? No, well it's been a loooong time. "JIM" You said ok! "I DID?" yup...oh, ok.
Butt, that can't be good for more than two or three smokers... right?
The secret is to buy TWO and only let them see ONE. When they raise heck about you buying it, take it back. Then when the time is right and you know they have forgotten about it, get the second one out and then follow FlaGriller's trick . . .
I buy alot of stuff online and say "Gee it took so long to get here I almost forgot about it!" and I get back " I don't think I knew about it." I say yeah remember back when ... Gee it took so long you even forgot!"
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