Tough Brisket

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Dustin Powers

Original poster
Oct 21, 2017
Hi Everyone! I can't recall if I have ever posted anything before but I check the forums almost everyday.
So we are at our lake cabin which has a kettle grill with a slow and sear accessory. I did a brisket on it yesterday but screwed I it up. So now i have a tough piece of meat. I already know most of what I did wrong (here is looking at you beer) so just looking for any tips on how to recycle this meat.
The flat is really tough reminding me of childhood steak. The point has a few good bites but some tough bites too. Could I crock pot it with some kind of liquid until I could shred it for sandwiches? Something for a breakfast maybe? Just feed it to the turtles, fatten them up, and then make turtle stew?
Thanks! Dustin
Not to many details to go on. Only can assume it was pulled at a lower IT than usual thus the toughness? Crock pot and some combo of liquids probably a good shot. Depending on how tough, maybe consider chopping into very small pieces and making chili?
Chili! That may require a store run though which takes forever. Anyone ever made chili from items available at one of those small rural gas stations that keep a small selection of food items lol? That could be a unique recipe actually.

It actually probed at like 205 almost throughout but I removed way to much of the fat off when I butchered...I mean cleaned it up. The kettle was apparently running way hotter than I thought. It was a pretty cheap brisket also but im not blaming that.
Tough brisket is usually under cooked brisket.
At his point, give the crock pot idea a try or as schlotz schlotz recommends use it for chili.
Brisket makes for some darn good chili.
Lots of tasty options. You're on the right track. Shred/chop for stew/chili/tacos etc. Sometime in a crock pot should yield some tasty tender sandwiches.
Im thinking chili now also. Just trying to figure out if I have enough here or at the local little gas station store to put it together.
All of the above BUT, some briskets are just tough as shoe leather, period.
I bought two of the lowest price per lb briskets I could findtwo weeks ago, one for pastrami and the other for smoking.
Both are tough, one is tough AND overcooked. The other is cooked correctly and tough.
My bad, for $1.50 per lb more I could have had choice grade.
How much did yours cost?
Im more use to a pork's really hard to mess those up (still looking at you beer!).
Im thinking chili now also. Just trying to figure out if I have enough here or at the local little gas station store to put it together.
Hi there and welcome!

As long as is isn't burnt to a crisp you can throw in a crock pot with a bottle of bbq sauce (or two) and you can easily turn it into chopped/shredded brisket for sandwiches... which is honestly my favorite way to eat brisket.

Just mentioning this if the store doesn't have the seasonings and tomato to do chili.
I can't help you with chili as growing up in TX a brisket was ALWAYS eaten as BBQ even if it had to be doctored in the crock pot. Never saw anyone intentionally plan or make chili with it but I believe it would make some good chili :)
Crock pot or slow braise can make it the bomb! This is how I do brisket left overs because it doesn't reheat well without a braise method.
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