Tornado Omaha, Nebraska...

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Apr 27, 2017
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Just found out a buddy lost his house in that big monster of a Tornado that touched down in Omaha. Family is safe. Entire neighborhood is leveled.... pictures are shocking. I hear it was one of the strongest tornados on record in like 11 years....

Ya'll be safe in the midwest if you are in the path of this system.

Will probably be cooking a benefit jambalaya soon to help out.....
Wow that’s terrible. Prayers for those affected, those providing medial aid, recovery and maintaining order.
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It was huge! Daughter and son in law were on the way to Lincoln. They Used to live in Omaha, glad they don't anymore. But where they moved to is in a tornado warning now.
Pic a friend of their's sent them, think on West side of Omaha.


Man tornados are horribly scary. All you can do is hope and pray. Prayers for all that suffered from these storms!

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Buddy's House....
View attachment 695661

The entire neighborhood was hit hard.....
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Did he live in Elk Horn on the west side of Omaha? Was watching that on TV this morning... just unbelievable. Same as the damage in Oklahoma. Think the best news was only like two injuries out of the Omaha tornadoes I heard.
Other good thing was the volunteers that were showing up, total strangers helping others in need. One home owner interviewed that lost his house as well, said we came out of the basement to nothing, we are home but we are homeless.

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My son had a basketball game there yesterday. It looks terrible.
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We dodged that bullet here in Kansas City, praise the Lord! Huge, devastating storms went north and south of us. In two days I had five inches of rain in my gauge, we really needed that!
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Well, a benefit cook of some kind is in the works. I'll be cooking in Gauthier, Mississippi with my Uncle. Don't have any details just yet, but will let you guys know when I do. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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