This is giving me a headache, please help.

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    Growing up I remember my grandfather curing pigs in a small shack. He would cut the pig up and rub it down with salt(a LOT of salt), he would then let it sit for 2 weeks then wash it, rub it down with a mix he had made,(garlic, peppers and other stuff,) then he would smoke it. I think it was cold smoking because I remember the fire was away from where the pigs were. 

    However, I don't ever remember him saying anything about pink or curing salt. The salt came from large 50lb(I think) bags, and he would just rub it all over it. But i'm reading now and people say you should use curing salt and weigh the meat and only add a certain amount of it.(This is the part that gives me a headache) I don't ever remember him weighing anything, and he most defiantly didn't care about how much salt he added. The more the better. 

    I'm considering trying this out however I don't remember all the steps. I know he would do around 5-6 pigs a year when it started to turn cold and would leave them hanging all winter. However, all the videos I watch or articals I read say its only good for a month or so.

    Someone please educate me lol
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    Are you planning on salting the entire pig ??   the hams...  making bacon....  

    Tell us what your goal is in detail...

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