Thinking fast

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    One day this guy decides to buy a new sportscar. He get's out on the freeway and hit's 100mph then he see's a cop behind him with his lights on the guy thinks he can out run him so he get's on it a little more and he is doing 125mph the cop stay's with him.The guy finally relizes what he is doing , trying to out run the cop's he is going to jail etc. So he pulls over and the cop walk's p to the car and say's "Sir I was on my way home, IF you can tell me a story I have never heard why in the hell you were driving so fast ... I will let you go". The guy think's for a bit and say's "You see sir last week my wife ran off with a cop ..she left me......And I thought you was trying bringing her back to me " The cop say's have a nice day sir"
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    I'm loving this :D
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    Thats damn

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