Think Japanese Food Tastes Like S**T well, here you go..."'Poop Burger:' Get It While It's Hot"

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Here you go...
[h1]'Poop Burger:' Get It While It's Hot[/h1][h2]Scientist Allegedly Takes Protein From Human Excrement[/h2]
POSTED: 7:30 am CDT June 20, 2011

UPDATED: 8:00 am CDT June 20, 2011

OKAYAMA, Japan -- Just in time for summer grilling: Japanese scientists say they have created synthetic meat derived from human excrement.

The news that Mitsuyuki Ikeda, of Okayama Laboratory, perfected the meat streaked across the Internet. Whether or not the whole breakthrough is a crafty online hoax remains to be seen. But if it's true, the finding -- albeit disgusting -- could have some big implications on food of the future.

A now-viral video examining the purported breakthrough -- dubbed "poop burger" -- said the synthetic meat could be an answer to the high cost and environmental damage of industrial meat production.

Ikeda and fellow researchers claim to have extracted protein from raw sewage to create the meat and added food coloring to make it appear red.

Early taste tests say the meat tastes like beef.

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Stinks of chit to me..
  There's just some things that should NEVER be discussed or entertained!  Who thinks this stuff up???????

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