Thermometer Help after messing up brisket

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Aug 8, 2007
Still thinking about my poor brisket from that other post. What kind of thermometers are you all using? I was originally using a wireless digital one with a probe to measure the air temp in the grill. Are they accurate if you leave them on the rack? I feel like I get odd readings from it occasionally, which is why I used it in the meat this time, and used a different meat thermometer in a hole in the smoker to get air temp...

Anyway, what are you guys using? I was looking on Amazon at the PLETHORA of them. I see some nice oven ones but of course, they are not digital and I don't want to have to open the grill!
My wireless unit is the RediCheck by Maverick. As a matter of fact, I think my hard wired units are also Mavericks. They're good units. To monitor chamber temps, I'd recommend a thermometer (dial type) that sits directly on your grates near the meat. This will give you the ability to closely monitor what is going on in there at all times.
I do not put a probe from a digital right on a smoker grate or rack. I cut a piece of potato, stick the probe through and lay the potato on the grate. I have a Maverick remote along with about 6 with the pyrex name on that are not remote. The all work well to measure the temp of either the meat or air temp in the smoker.

Hope this helps.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Ooh, using a tader is a good idea... I think I probably broke mine because i laid it on the grate once, I'll have to go back an calibrate it. I might actually get a oven one too and put it inside.
i went to my local academy and bought 2 of the smaller "old smokey" brand grill thermometers. i installed one in each end of the door, on either side of the handle. here is a pic for ya.
for my meat thermos, i have two i bought at my local big grocery store. they cost me $19.99 for the first one, the second was on sale for $13.99. they are "barbecue master" brand; perfect temp 2 model. they are the probe type, with a countdown timer built in. my wife uses the timer part for baking. hope this helps.
OK! I'm all set. Got me a nice meat thermometer that also has an air temperature gauge on it. Also got a real oven thermometer to place inside the grill... AND I see that Old Smokey thermometer was sold at BBQ Galore so I think I'll install one of those. (The factory 1 never worked even from day 1)

I WILL KNOW what temperature that sucker is cooking at now.

And it will all be here by Friday! I love Amazon prime. I also through in a 6 pack of Stubb's and a Rib Rack! Brisket redemption is mine!
No, laying a probe on the grate will not harm it. They can not be "shorted out" or harmed by doing that and it will not give an incorrect reading. Your probe is a thermocouple. Inside are two fine wires, each of a different metal, e.g. copper and nickel. They are joined to each other on both ends. When there is a temperature difference between the two ends these dissimilar metal wires produce a TINY voltage that varies with temperature changes and feeds into circuitry in your thermometer that produces an amazingly accurate temperature reading. The probe end of the wires is the hot junction, the other end of the wires is the cold junction and it feeds the measuring portion of your thermometer.
If your probe dies it is most likely because of a break in one of the wires inside the lead from the probe to the plug that plugs into your thermometer. That break generally results from sharp bends/kinks in the lead or poor care of the lead. The plug can also be defective. Rarely does the probe itself cause a problem. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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