The precious miss Debi

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bigarm's smokin

Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Apr 19, 2007
BigArm MT
Hey Debi, I just got on your site again. Good Lord girl!!! Is there anything that you can't do??? I saw your banjo instructions, I love banjo and even bought one a few years ago. Of course, I'm lazy, so it is still un-used and un-learned. Still, you give me hope. I guess what I want to say here is, you are a precious gift from God to all of us. And I am very thankful for you!!! Keep it up my dear, your a blessing!
Why thank you Terry I love you all too! Before I got into smoking Music was my main passion. Still plan to learn to play every instrument I can find before the Lord takes me home though!
Don't have musical talent, but I have no words that can express how your advice has helped me while I have been lurking and getting my feet wet. Points have been added!

Thank YOU!
She is a smokin' goddess and her site has more data & recipes than I can ever hope to smoke, even if I did 3 recipes a day the rest of my life. I tip my hat to her in thanks !!!
Keep quiet guys! before she figures out how valuable her info is and starts charging!

J/K Deb. Yer Terriffic!
Debi serves as a role model for all forum members. Regardless of your talents (and hers are numberous) give forth your best effort in all that you do. There is no doubt in my mind that when she finally is called home that the inspiration she provides will live on.
Gotta agree with all that's been said here Debi... to put it simply, you ROCK!

So, music is your passion... have you learned the harmonica? Just curious, 'cause I'm trying to... ain't as easy as it looks!
She was my first mentor here and the first person I look to for advice.
We are lucky to have you here, thanks Debi!
WHO DA GAL???? Debi is!!!!!!! She has a certain way of explaining things that even a big ole biker dude like me can understand. She has giving me the confedence to try many different things I was afraid to try. How did that song go..."You are my special Angel"
Yes she's very important to all of us, I've used some of her info on everyone of my smokes
Ya'll know if we keep braggin on her she might get her own cookin show, lets contact the networks.
I like it !!!

"DeejayDebi does smoke rings around Bobby Flay"
"DeejayDebi throws Rachael Ray to the coals"
"DeejayDebi smokes Emeril"
I agree with that. Just don't go messin with "Giada" I'm head over heels in love with her and I keep hoping that she dumps her husband and comes to Montana and marries ME!! I don't thinl I'll hold my breath and wait though.
I never heard of Giada, did a google search and theres a bunch of videos on You Tube about her, she's a keeper but we need to throw Martha under the bus
Blackhawk, you have just given me the best birthday present EVER! I viewed the video's and now I am drowned in my own spit. God lord that girl is pretty! I liked the one, Giada De Laurentis with Jimmy Kimmel Live, the best. That was funny.
Thank again for the entertainment, if you wasn't so damn ugly, I'd kiss ya!
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