The “Point” of Beef……Pure Goodness!

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Jan 27, 2015
Looks wondermous. we have a hard time finding point cut down here, when we do it's a lot more expensiver than that. I've never sliced it except to make burnt ends, which is my target when i can find pre-cut point. now i have a new target.
fx, it's worth a try in my book, it's a easy cook and rewarding, I have to have a reason to do a full one.... otherwise, this is my brisket fix!
I have been leery of the Winco meat. When they first opened near me they had the meat
labeled as select or better! Now it has moved up to Choice or better!
Your post has me convinced to give it a shot. Saw a point this morning so this weekend
I will get the point!
Thanks for sharing and your on point with that cook for sure.
CP, I have done an number of these points from Winco..... They have been just as good if not a bit better than the prime packers from Costco
Cooked perfectly! Nicely done
Thanks CTX
Just keeps on givin
Yes Sir! Still have a few slices..... oh and the whole meal was less than McyD's for the fam!
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