sweetest wood?

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Dec 28, 2013
10-9-0 , Wa
I like really sweet meats. I'm looking to find woods that realy help with that.
what do you think is the sweetest wood.
looking to do chicken/turkey, fish and pork.

I've been using alot of cherry lately. I like it's sweetness, and the color effect it gives.
I'm still new and not very experienced in all this though.
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I like to use Apple and Cherry, but at the last comp I went to the guy next to me was using Sugar Maple and Cherry and it was one of the best smells. He placed rather high in the pro division rib section with that. Kind of reminded me of roasted marsh mellows.   
I just loaded with cherry. Doing the pre heat now and in 20min I'll be starting the yard birds.
used a brine I found on SMF. We'll know in a few hrs if it's going to work.

Sugar maple sounds good! I'll see if I can find some local.

I just got back from Cabelas with alder, cherry, and peach.

Kris :biggrin:
dinner is done and I'm already planning my next run.

WOW! I'm impressed. I used the slaught house brine for about 14 hrs. Put them in bags and stuck them in the fridgeator. Went shopping for wood chips and this afternoon put them in to smoke with cherry wood chips.

preheated the 40" MES for 45 min with chips to 260 deg. I put them in and added a few small chips. After 90 min the smaller was at 155 deg. I dumped some fresh cider inside and wrapped in foil with more cider on the outside.

At 2 hrs the bigger bird was at 160 deg. I foiled it it without cider and turned the MES off and left them on the racks with the door cracked for about 30 min then brung in the house and the kids inhaled them with help from mom and I :biggrin:

got pics on my phone but haven't got it figured out how to get them to my tablet to post.

Sounds great Kris...looking forward to seeing the qview...

I picked up peach at cabelas last weekend. They had lots.
I've also ordered some sugar maple from amazon and some fig on ebay. I've found about everything online that a person could want.

has anyone used orange? I seen it at Cabelas but didn't buy it yet.

As much as I've tried to post pics it just don't work. I've posted on several other forums over the years. Not sure why SMF is different. I want to load them from photobucket. I've searched hear and followed the directions.

Hey everyone. I need to order some pellets for my AMNPS and I was looking at the variety of different pellets that Todd sells. I thought I'd give something different a try. I was wondering, how does peach wood compare to alder wood? Does it produce a lighter flavor than alder?

Thanks in advance!
I used peach and it's good. I think I've settled on apple as my favorite for chicken. :yahoo:
If you have never tried peach do it. It's good stuff.
Not sure how it compares to alder. Alder is different and don't have the sweet flavor that the fruit woods do. I like it though.

Never heard of anyone smoking with willoe (but that doesn't mean much) but I would be concerned with the fact that willow contains the basic ingredient that makes up asprin, so I'm not 100% sure what it could do. Might be good to smell the smoke for a hangover cure :)
I can certainly vouch for cherry.  I have a 4x8 rack of green cherry wood.  Currently in the process of seasoning it, but I will admit to using a couple of sticks on some recent smokes.  Most amazing smells ever...  Cherry wood smoke passing over meat just smells like a meat candy shop.
Pecan is a close second to Apple. I change it up and use one or the other for my chickens.

I don't know about willow for smoking. I read about using saltine crackers to sample the flavor of smoke. Just pit some in and try them in 15 - 30 min. No need to waste good food to find out. You could also google search smoking with willow.

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