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suggestions on starting a New lawn?? (also reviews on Snake river farm meats)


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I know this isn't a lawn and garden forum but as much as many of you take pride in your bbq you cook, I'd imagine there is some that also takes the same amount of proud in their lawn.

backstory to help fill in( short and sweet): we ( my fiancee and I) were given land from family, it is/ was a wooded area that we took down the trees, removed the stumps and are in the process of moving our house( double wide) to it.

So being that its going from wooded area to lawn, grass is going to need to be planted. the excavators are going to bring in a rock hound to help and get the top soil free of rocks and debris. The soil is very rich, before this, being a wooded around it had nothing but decomposing leaves and matter on it.

My plan(in my mind): after they get done with everything and rock hounding it, I was going to take my garden tiller and do a single pass over the whole thing to help and fluff up the top inch or so of soil. Then I was going to spread my grass seed over it and then use a rolling to help push the seed into the layer of soil that I have "fluffed" up then of coarse water it as well if its not suppose to rain. the roller isn't going to be extremely heavy( like the ones that people make with concrete) but its going to be just enough to help the seed get good contact with the soil to germinate.

Does this sound like a good plan? I'm trying not to get involved with top dressing over the seed or even using straw because that just means more money with renting equipment. we have right around an acre of land cleared from everything( lawn, house, decks, driveway, parking pad, shed) so I'm thinking We'll be right around 3/4 or so of a acre of actual lawn to put grass on.

suggestions anyone?? what'd you guys do??

Also to keep this about smoking meat, I promised my future father-in-law a good brisket after this is all said and done... he has helped and seen this whole thing from the beginning and actually has managed a lot of the permits and other hoops we had to jump through for this, this being said anyone have experience with snake river farm meats/ briskets?? I was thinking of getting one of those since what I've seen have been good. Or what would you suggest for this as well?


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I've thrown grass seed right on top of clay. If you just stick to a good watering schedule, then you will succeed. 2 waterings a day for the first two weeks, then once a day for the next two weeks and you will have a beautiful lawn.. trick is to water it enough for the whole area to get a good drink but with a gentle enough application as to not wash the seed around


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What time of year is all construction work gonna be done? Or when do you plan on trying to start new lawn? If it ends up being summer time not a good time to start a new lawn. If you work up the soil just a bit and put grass seed down it doesn't take much to work it in. Have used an old coil spring mattress and drug it over lawn before. Or a light drag works too.



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My FIL did much the same as you are planning, his biggest challenge was keeping the bush from creeping back into his lawn. He ended up buying a Brush Hog and running it around the perimeter of the lawn twice a year.


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Never got any of Snake River Farms meats for myself but have had them when other people cooked them on numerous occasions. They were very good.

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