Stuff my Uncle left to me....

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Apr 27, 2017
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As y'all know, my wine making Uncle recently passed away. My cousin came into town for two weeks to help my Aunt go through his stuff and help her with the mountain of paperwork and such that she had to do with his passing. They sorted piles that were for members of the family. As a super taster, he left me his wine default scent training kit that is used to train sommeliers (Made in France)..


Also the red wine scent kit...


A pair of port tongs...

An Italian wine bottle corker...


Winery Technical guide book...

Along with a stack of other expensive wine books.

But the most sentimental to me is the Warre's Vintage Port Label I saved for him from cleaning wine bottles for our first wine kit together....
Very nice... it's the memories that come with those items that are most important!
And pass some of the knowledge on that you learned from him is a great tribute.

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Very cool stuff Keith, and you’ll treasure that for forever… and when you raise a toast… I know he will be on your mind and I am sure smiling down on you!
Very cool Keith. Now he'll always have a physical presence in your future endeavors.

Amazing Inda
I'm glad that you had him and that he had you.

Losing masters of the craft (whatever the craft is) is always hard. Harder when its family.

We acknowledge them in so many ways though.

Every single time I make a run of Pop's sausage, I think of that store that existed so many decades ago. If I turn to a Bearcarver recipe, I'm reminded not only of the man named John, but the things John did. And I didn't even know these fine men. Interacted with them a little here, but I pay homage to them every time I do something that they taught me.

What they taught me, they learned from someone.

And back on though the centuries.

Hopefully someday I'll influence someone new. I'll make a Bear Loaf or some Fassetts breakfast sausage and they'll get the recipe from me. They won't know the stories behind the food, but the food will live on.

indaswamp indaswamp - my french is so rusty it's almost not there anymore but - laissez les bon temps rouler, honore ton oncle mon ami.
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Port tongs????
Please educate me.
The link provided explains port tongs nicely. One detail left out is the shape of most fortified wine bottles that are meant for long aging...


On top of the bulge in the neck is where the tongs are placed....cherry red hot. Port tongs will not work on a regular wine bottle.
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