Started Canadian Bacon

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Jun 1, 2008
Started with 13-14lbs of loin. Trimmed it down well to get all the fat and silver skin off of it as I find the better we prep the better the outcome. Had 6 pieces but the daughter was eyeing one of them to make pork tenders out of it so I gave it up. Ended up with 9.31lbs of meat going into cure.

Was looking over all of the numbers and its amazing that for 9.31lbs of meat we use less than 3oz of salt, 2 oz of sugar, and less then half an oz of cure. I think about the amount of salt and sugar in the stuff you buy from the store. Kinda amazing to think about.

Got them vac packed up and resting for 14 days.


Ill update in a few weeks.
Just in time for the holidays Brian.
Any particular plans for them as in gifts?

We will pair it with the cheese I smoked around Thanksgiving. Think we have 7.5 lbs of cheddar.

For the CD Ill smoke and will do a brownsugar glaze on some. Might do a peppered one. Not sure about the rest.
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I usually smoke to pasteurize mine naked.
Done the peppered, brown sugar and even a maple syrup glaze in the past.
The sugared I give away. Peppered was great, but I prefer mine naked to shave for lunch meat.
I find that 3 weeks in the cure does the trick for me. We put up about 35-40 pounds every other month and sell it. Smoke it for about 5 hours @190 degrees, wrap and finish it off in the oven. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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