SPEED Butts!

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Feb 24, 2007
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Anyone have a surefire faster way to do butts, maybe at 250 or so? My neighbor requested me to do 20 lbs for a party tomorrow at 5, and its 4pm here the day before. All this plateau talk is making me nervous. I have (2) 9 pounders and want to pull/chop them. I also don't want to babysit my MB all night, especially because it's a favor and I'm not getting any of it!
I did a couple at 250 a while back as I was reading on one of the other sites that they do it often.It was ok but I think it wasnt as good,most likely just in my head!
You might want to think about cutting them in half...they will cook quicker(also double the bark...yummy). Also like Coz said you should be ok running 250*. Also as soon as you see them starting to stall, foil them to push them thru the stall quicker. Just watch your intenal temps as all of these things if your not carefull could dry them out a bit. Might also want to throw a bit of apple juice in the foil when you wrap them. Good luck if you do it!!
You can smoke at 275F until the butts internally reach 160-165F and then lower the smoker to about 225F or a little less to finish.
I'm kinda new at smoking, but I've done a couple of shoulders and I did one that took over 14 hours. That was with out foiling it. Like Tonto1117 said wait untill you see the temp not going any highier, then foil them. I did that with my second one, added a little apple juice and wrapped in foil. Then one was done in 10 hours. These guys & gals really know how to smoke!!
Gee, KWS-did you tell him to talk to you sooner than the "day before" the next time he asks you to do him some 'que? Oillogger gave you some good advice about running them at 275* until they reach 165* then lowering the temps to 225* until they reach your desired internal temp. Wrap them in foil and give 'em a shot of apple juice when the reach 165*.

Or you could apply the rub on them tonight and get up really, really early tomorrow morning like around 0dark:30 and get them going.
Thank you all, I put them in an hour ago at 240 but I'm going to put it at 275. I"m not real big on getting up super early, wanted to knock it out tonight so I can relax and enjot the day tomorrow. The stall's at about 150, if I remember correctly, if there is a stall, I haven't had one of those yet on butts.
They don't always stall - you might get lucky! If you let them warm a bit while you get everything ready they may not stall at all.

I've never had a stall on a deboned butt. Shoulders seem to be worse.

Good luck!
These are bone-in and I just put them in a 205 oven after about a 6 hour smoke at 275. We'll see. Debi,I used your site for advice, thank you. Your short, accurate method descriptions rock. I wrapped them up well, spilled in a few ounces of apple juice, and re-dusted them with some rub because they were so juicy. They had a good fat cap on them and I trimmed them down to 3/8ths or so. Talk to you tomorrow!
I saw Good Eats one time where AB did a butt, then he said something about foiling it and putting it in 300 degree oven till it got to about 200 degrees internal if you're in a hurry.
I put them in a 205 oven when I went to bed last night after a 6 hr smoke at 275 and boy the MB gets a wood appetite at that temp, but she purred along. Woke up for some reason at 0430 and shut the oven off. At 0630 turned it back on to 220, I need to see the internal temp high enough so I don't kill these nice people with poisoning. One stalled, one didn't. They're on hold in foil and juice at 220 right now. One was 160*, the other 150*, and I don't think I can overcook these things. At 1.5 hrs per pound, I'm still good I hope. They're in foil and swimming in AJ. Putting 6 fatties on at 1300hrs or so, the party starts at 1700. Sorry for military time, I'm in the transportation biz and we use it so there's no mistakes.
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