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Discussion in 'So Cal Smokers' started by scarbelly, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. scarbelly

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    It was $24.52 for a 3-rack pack.
  3. raymo76

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    I think the Cal BBQ Assoc has a annual weeken camping bbq trip at ..... grrrr brain fart. I wanna say its in the San Dimas area.... darnit it. All I can think of is Prado but thats not it.
  4. Prado is in the Corona area.  San Dimas has Puddingstone lake with a great picnic area.
  5. mole177

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    howdy yall
  6. scarbelly

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    Hello Mole177 and welcome 
  7. Nice to see a handful of other SoCal people here. I'm out in the High Desert, so you'll drive past me every time you go to Vegas. :)
  8. meatinc

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    Hey guys!

    Thanks Scarbelly for starting this group.  Aaron here from Murrieta.

    A group meeting would be great!  Lots of inexpensive but nice campgrounds that could be central - thinking Lake Skinner in Temecula.

    I'll also let you guys know when Meat, Inc. is competing so we can meat up.  Next event is March 10 at Santa Anita Racetrack.  All the BBQ teams will be on the infield during the races.  Going to be fun!
  9. scarbelly

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    Welcome to the group - My daughters live in Victorville 
  10. Thanks for the invitation!
  11. I am in!

    -Mccaf in the 619

    a.k.a. Mac
  12. Thanks for the invite!!
  13. scarbelly

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    Welcome to the group - We are working on a gathering date. I think it is going to have to get pushed out to September due to all the summer comps and crazy campground issues. 

    If anyone wants to help with this let me know 
  14. Corona ca here. But that's probably somewhat obvious. Lol.
  15. ....
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  16. Chef R.O.B. signing in from Pasadena, Ca, and I still can't find that little old lady. Good to see that So. Cal is stepping it up. I'm BRAND noob to smoking but a good griller, looking forward to all the knowledge that will come soon enough. They say things taste better in Texas, I tell them that's only because they haven't made it to Cali yet.

    My first post in this thread had a error, so this may pop up twice.
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  17. Been lurking for about a year on SMF. Signed up a few months back and posted in roll call.

    Been smoking in Tustin for the last year now.

    Thanks for the invite Scarbelly.

  18. evo 9 guy

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    Cool to see a So Cal specific group. Fontana checking in here. 
  19. riblet1

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    Hi all, Long Beach checking in!:grilling_smilie:
  20. Joined SMF back in 08, but just got notice about this section.  Just moved to Tustin and looking forward to a gathering.

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