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Nov 7, 2019
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Well the last time I made sticks they were so so . I used 80/20 ground beef and I tried a few of P&S seasonings . The Willies seasoning was the best of the bunch and the Pepper and Chipolte wildfire didn't activate my taste buds . A buddy just made some LC Leggs #207 pepperoni sticks and they were great ! He used venison and pork chops 50/50 . That seems like a higher fat ratio then my 80/20 beef burger. Should I add some more fat to my sticks to make them taste better ? I still have 4 three pound chubs of that 80/20 to use up but was wondering if by adding some ground up pork butt to it would it make those so so seasoning mixes taste better?? Should I take more fat off the pork butts vs meat for this purpose ?? Or just grind the butt up and use it ?
When I make sticks I use 80/20 beef, pork sausage meat and venison. My opinion the beef isnt enough fat. Add some ground pork shoulder
One thought, they sell a 73-27 hamburger ratio, maybe try mixing some of that in to your 80-20 to increase the fat ratio?
Need pork fat in the ratio. It adds a better mouth feel.
Venison is basically a 0% fat meat so adding pork fat is a win.
I assume you use collagen casing. They need to wet with some fat as well.
PJ, I make my sticks out of pork butt and remove the back fat cap for future venison mixes. The sticks come out great and have enough but not too much fat ! Try the PS jalapeno snack stick spice, very tasty.I always grind and mix my spice and then let it sit in the fridge for a day or two to get the spices to permeate the whole mix.
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