Smoking a Brisket for no other reason than the need for smoked meat! w/ Q-view

Discussion in 'Beef' started by miller51, Aug 30, 2014.

  1. It’s Labor Day weekend and decided on not having a cookout or planning on going to one, but I really want something smoked! Couldn’t decide on pulled pork or brisket, but I wanted to smoke something this weekend. Went to the store, almost bought BOTH, but decided on just smoking a full brisket this weekend. [​IMG]

    Here it is in the package 13.87lbs @ $3.48/per lb. Not great for the area, but not terrible either based on the way beef prices are going!

    Trimmed it down to probably about 12-12.5 lbs and then injected it and off for a nap for a few hrs. I’ll pull it out later this eve and rub it down then on the smoker. [​IMG]


    On and smoking...

    Stalled @ 165* f. giving  for 40 min straight, was thinking about no wrap, but I'm giving it an hour more to move the needle any or its getting the wrap! Maybe I'll just split the point off and wrap the flat....hmmm so many options...[​IMG]

    More to come...
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  2. Looks like a good time. Keep us posted.
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    I sure like brisket smokes, gives one plenty of time to tease the neighbors. Good luck and I look forward to see and hear the results.
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    Looks like a Walmart brisket.. Or at least the last one I got there was the same kind.

    I went there today and they had no packers so I got London broil at Shop rite and grilled it..

    Keep us posted on the smoke...
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    Looks like a good Brisky , Miller51 [​IMG]. Are you going to wrap if foil or go bare . What seasonings are you going to use and what kind of smoker do use [​IMG]

    Will stay tuned in to Channel - M51 ,[​IMG]  , this may take a while so I got the big one , [​IMG]  Could be 20hrs. , looks firm .

    Well , as always on a long smoke . . .
  7. My standard rub for beef is - Salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, paprika (all equal parts), and some dark brown sugar.

    The last 2 briskets I made I wrapped in butcher paper (technically parchment paper – what I had) and they have turned out really well. I contemplated not wrapping, but I think because of the brown sugar, they get a little dark so wrapping in the paper seems to really save the bark on the outside. Seems to have the same concept as the foil and cuts the cook time down. The only downfall I’ve noticed is you can’t use a foiling juice.

    Here's the last one I did...

    I typically smoke on a Visions Kamado grill with lump charcoal and I’ll probably use a combination of hickory and cherry for the smoke. I usually set my maverick 733 to keep the temp between 230*-265* and try to keep it at 250* for the cook. Shooting for a cook time of 12-14hrs, but I told the family it will be done when it’s done![​IMG]  
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    At what point in the smoke do you wrap with the paper?

    Thanks ...
  9. Same time as I would wrap in foil...around 170* youtube has a great series on Aaron Franklin for smoking a brisket and wrapping it in paper... He takes you through his whole process which is basically what I do!
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    Thanks ... I mis-saw your photo ... it looked to me like the package was brand new and fresh ... as if nothing in, near, or on it had ever seen the inside of a smoker ... and that made no sense at all ... I appreciate the info on the videos ... I'll check them out.
  11. That was the just after I wrapped it photo on the last brisket I cooked.. 
  12. Wheres the finished pics??  Looks good so far!!!!
  13. Havent even put on the pit yet..Thinking 4am...The wrapped pic was from my last smoke because someone asked about the paper wrap... But I'll keep you updated[​IMG]...
  14. Rubbed down and ready to go on...[​IMG]

    So much for 4am!!! here it is on 3 1/2 hrs late on at 730(so much for setting an alarm - whoops, guess dinners delayed)...  But i am bumping my temp up a shade to around 270* but gonna be a long one!!! [​IMG]  [​IMG]

  15. It's 4 oclock some where.


    Happy smoken.

  16. Well on it's way our of the stall about 40 min ago now up to 178* (didn't want to jinx my self and say something too early)...[​IMG]Decided not to wrap or split off the point for now (I'll probably split it of for burnt ends at the end). 
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    Looking good!  Can't wait for the finished product!
  18. Smells good, here it is before I separated out the point and put it down for an hr or 2 nap. Came off @ 195* - may have taken a few more degrees, but the thinner end was getting way over so I decided to pull it in hopes that the rest period will get me where I want to be...I'll try and update the sliced pics as w​ell as the burnt ends when the time comes... [​IMG]

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  20. Looks Great! Keep the pics coming.

    Happy smoken.


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