smoked eggs

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Ive never tried smoked pickled eggs before but by damn im gonna try some today while I do me a couple of chickens.Im gonna try a new recipe for my pickle juice,it sounds pretty spicy,and Im gonna throw in a hand full of jalepenos too.In this recipe it said to pierce the eggs with a fork several times to allow the pickel to penetrate better.I never done this before when I done eggs but it makes good sense to me.I told my mom,who likes pickled eggs,about smoking them and she looked at me like I was crazy but Ill give her some and see what she thinks.
I have pickled eggs before and it seems that the ones I smoked first absorbed the pickling juices better. I am not sure if the smoking process broke down the white of the egg to make it more absorbent or what. But the eggs were very pickled and the hint of smoke tops the cake. Let em sit for three weeks or more if you can resist the temptation of digging into them. It was hard for me but I held out for three weeks and, well now I need to make more. Try a habanero in the jars, that will get your taste buds going.
Hey all,I did 18 eggs today,left them in the smoke for about 40 minutes.I put them in the juice along with a couple peppers and garlic,cant wait to try them in a couple of weeks.
All I use for pickling the eggs is white vinegar, pickling spice, black peppercorns, whole garlic cloves, onions, habanero and cayenne peppers. I heat the vinegar and pickling spice in a pot, I cold smoke the eggs for 40 to 50 minutes then add them to the jars, add the vinegar along with some of the pickling spices into the jars until the eggs are covered. I then process them for 20 minutes in a boiling water bath to seal the jars. Let them sit for 3 weeks then have at it.
Here is the latest batch of eggs, these ones should be nice and spicy, there's 12 habaneros in the jar, along with some smoked garlic and ceyannes. Hey does anyone know the secret of boiling eggs so the peel easy and so that membrane won't stick to the egg?
When I hard boil eggs I bring them up to room temp. Bring a pot of water to a roiling boil and in go the eggs for 10 min. I take them right from the boiling water into an ice bath to cool them down. Roll the eggs real good on the counter to crack all of the shell and then peel. I've never had a problem with this method.
Thanks Lady J, I have tried all kinds of different methods and it seem my eggs want to peel like crap. I am going to make another batch next weekend. I will boil them using your method and see how they turn out.
If I remember my High School Chemistry right, you don't need to shell those hard boiled eggs before pickling them-just make sure there is enough vinegar in the pickling mix to dissolve the shell from the eggs. You might have to wait 9 mos. to a year before you can eat 'em first. :P :roll:
Several years ago Mother in law said that if you boil fresh eggs, the shell will stick to the whites when you try to peel them. She said that eggs that are 7-10 day old peel easier-something about the acidity in the egg whites breaking down the membrane between the egg and the shell~ You can tell the age of the eggs by looking at the date stamp on the egg carton (store bought eggs) Most eggs are packaged a couple of days after they are laid-I know this 'cus a childhood friend of mine worked the in family egg farm- I always thought it a bit strange that he never liked chicken no matter how it was cooked 'til I worked a summer gathering, sizing and packaging eggs. :shock:
Here in the mid-atlantic we pickle eggs in a vinegar/redbeet juice combo so they come really deep red...Has anyone ever tried that with the smoked beauties?
I hear you Dutch. The life of a Chicken ain't a pretty thing. :cry:

But they sure taste good, and so do the eggs. :oops:
Iv'e tried it with smoked eggs. There pretty good. Just be careful not to oversmoke your eggs. :) Just a hint of smoke is fine for me. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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