smoked eggs

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Jul 4, 2005
try some smoked eggs for a nice change, these really make some great deviled eggs or do like i do and pickle them afterwards!!!!!
I would really like to know how you do that. I've heard of them before and I was told they are excellent. In the shell? Heat? Time? Lets here some info. Thanks in advance.
Just boil them as usual then peel the shell off and smoke for 30 mins at 225, any longer and the skins gets tough and leathery
Thanks, I'm making pickled eggs today so now it's going to take a little while but I'm sure it will be well worth it. This is pretty rare I think so that makes it all the more fun. Keep on Smoking
CH-that's a great idea! Thanks for sharing
BDV-if they smell smokey then are they REALLY farts?? If they smell terrible just blame it on the dog!! :shock: :P

Why did this end up under Fruit, Nuts & Vegetables??? Shouldn't this topic be in the Poultry Thread? (I was going to say "Shouldn't these eggs be under Poulty?" But then that would just be silly of me, wouldn't it?!! :P LOL
Those look good!! I'd try them except I'm ignorant regarding what to pickle them in. Does anyone have a good recipe for what to pickle them in?? My boys and I love pickled eggs, but I've never tried to make any at home. Having them pickled and smoked would be a real treat.....
If you want to spice them up a bit, cut a couple of habaneros in half and throw them into the pickeling brine, then let them sit for a month. Eat with good beer and open the windows....
Hey Dutch,
Thanks for the site! I have saved it to my favorites and I'm sure I'll be making them. There's nothing better than a pickled egg, large dill pickle and a cold beer to make shooting pool really exciting. Some years back, that was my brother and I very favorite Saturday night activity. Brings back great memories. I just might make a batch up and save them till after I get squared off from South Beach. Then have my brother over, shoot some pool and talk over old times. Thanks again!
The neighbor and I had to take a stab at the eggs thing too, we cold smoked them for 50 minutes and then pickled them, and we plan on letting them sit for a few weeks before digging into them. We also did some garlic cloves, these we have pickled before and would put them on the smoker with whatever we were smoking at that particular time, and they always turn out great. So we decided to smoke them first then pickle them.


That looks explosive! :shock:

Can't recall if I've ever eaten a pickled egg (never cared much for plain boiled eggs) but that is very tempting. :D
Yes they can be explosive, if combined with the proper amounts of beer and other gut churning finger foods. I myself have been eating things that turn your ass into a flame thrower since I was a kid, so I love to turn the heat up a notch or two when I am smoking, cooking or canning for myself and a select few friends, that too have the desire to set their mouths on fire and extinguish the heat with mass quantities of good beer, i.e. good beer (Milwaukeeâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s Best does not qualify).
After seeing this post a week ago or so, I tried it this last weekend, and now have thirty some of the little smoked beauties in my basement fridge soaking and waiting for me to chow down.

I must confess that I've already sampled a couple and they were great!! I can't wait for them to really take on some flavor..
Broke open a jar of the pickled smoked eggs last night, all I can say is, time to go buy a few dozen eggs and make a big batch. They were awesome. The smoking first, then pickling method works great.
I've been letting mine soak for a awhile. The first ones I tried were a little weak. This weekend I'll get a few out and try them. Now they've been soaking for awhile I'm thinking that they will be a real treat with a couple of beers....
I put mine in the jars on the 26th of Feb and cracked one open the other day, so they sat for three weeks. Them babies go great with beer. Me and the neighbor are going to make a large batch soon, especially with spring comming soon, time to get ready for the backyard parties.....
Beer and eggs!!! Remind me to stand UP WIND of ya' all!! :shock: :P is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.