Small Pre-Holiday Cherry Smoked Prime Rib (Pics)

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Apr 14, 2013
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I was the recipient of a 103 sub primal rib section on Thursday. Broke it down Friday afternoon and decided to set aside a nice little PR roast to smoke for dinner. Heck, got all that great meat, might as well cook some of it. I had a very short work day and Tracy knocked off a bit early so our holiday weekend had actually started.

The whole roast. About 24# total. 2 pics.


Broken down. I took this one down a little further than I typically do. Got some nice rib eye steaks, some cap steaks, a monster rack of ribs, a small roast (about 2# to the right of the ribs which I'll be cooking today), and enough trimmings for a couple batches of soup or tacos...or just about anything.

The roast seasoned with a little Worcestershire sauce, kosher salt, and butcher's grind black pepper.

Got the smoker at 225 and put a couple ears of corn on a little while ago. Running charcoal and cherry wood. Now to put the roast on.

About an hour in. Looking pretty good so far.

I just love how easy it is to dial the temps in on this cooker.

Roast and corn done. Pulled the meat at 130. A bit higher than I normally do but Tracy asked for a couple extra degrees on this one.


Sliced. Not too bad for being forced to over cook it :emoji_laughing:

Perfect edge to edge pink. Exactly how we like them around here.

PR and corn plated along with a nice little salad I made then out to the patio.

Yah, yah, yah...y'all know what's next.

It doesn't get much more simplistic than this. The roast was on auto pilot and only took about an hour and a half. The corn was fresh from the Farmer's Market and just fantastic. Y'all also know we love our salads around here so that was the perfect balancing point to bring the whole dinner together. Very simple but very good. A nice light smoky flavor on the meat worked very well with the basic seasonings. All in all, we were really happy sitting down to this. Now wait till you see what I did with the leftover PR for breakfast this morning :emoji_wink:

Oh well, gonna call this one done. Hope everyone is having a fantastic Memorial Day weekend with lots of great food being shared with family and friends.

Oh man Robert this is perfection! I could eat that almost everyday!
Another great looking meal Robert, great job! Hope your weekend is going great for you and Tracy ... and Bianca!

Nice breakdown of the 24 pound piece of meat.

Very pretty plate of food and the roast looks perfect for the way you like it ( little less moo for me , lol )

We had some corn from down your side of the boarder and it was great, Ours is not ready for a couple months yet.

Great Spread Robert.

Oh man Robert this is perfection! I could eat that almost everyday!
Thanks Civil!! I'm with you buddy, we do love our PR around here. Most times they are just too big for the two of us but since I was breaking down the roast I decided to keep back a small one that was more in line with what we'd need for a meal.

Another great looking meal Robert, great job! Hope your weekend is going great for you and Tracy ... and Bianca!
Very much appreciate it Ryan. Been a good weekend so far. Had some friends over for pork ribs on Saturday and it was Bianca's second mom...her favorite person in the world. Poor dog though. Spending hours trying to look so cute and pester Susan to death, Bianca is still suffering from a major puppy hangover :emoji_laughing:

Thank you David. Breaking down those roasts is fun because there are tons of different ways to do it. As for dinner, well it was about as simple as it could get but a nice meal to sit and enjoy on the patio with some beautiful weather....finally.

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Dang, Robert!! It may be very simple, but it looks spectacular!! I get great pleasure in the simple things... is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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