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Jun 2, 2022
How ya doing folks? So glad to have found this site and learn/share info. Im no professional cook or pit master. Just a small time Bama guy that enjoys grilling prime beef every weekend, cutting up loins, smoking all kinds of meat and, as of recent, dipping my toes in the Cold Smoking world.

Im building my own smoker from an old commercial reach in cooler. Im almost done. I’ve got to get the chimney installed and I will give it a test run to see how the smoke flows. Once i think it works well, I’ll share some pics for critiques and advice. But, only after I dont think I will make too much of a fool of myself😂.

So glad to find you guys. Hope to learn some good info, recipes and do a little bantering about with you fellas.
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Welcome, from California. We look forward to seeing your work. Thanks for checking in.
Thanks, Sven. Im hoping to get out to Cali this summer and take in a little of that weather. Not to get too greedy, but a trip to LA next January to see my Auburn Tigers play wouldn’t upset me either. I know, I know. I can hear the laughing over the internet. They will suck again this year. But, sunshine and dog’s butts and all….
Welcome to the site Shorts. I look forward to seeing your smoker and some smoke projects.
Enjoy your stay.
Thanks, OEJ! Hopefully, Im smoking some sausages and pork bellies within a week.
Welcome from Iowa! It's a great place to learn and share!

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At the risk of public humiliation, I’ll go ahead and share a few pics I took while ago. Im giving it a test run to check out how well it vents. Im not sure how much smoke is too much, or how much should be leaving the smoker. It appears that a good bit is leaving the stack. I could always add another on the other side, and I can choke down the smoke by adjusting the air intake vent at the bottom of the smoke generator. Sven Svensson Sven Svensson , i got this Smokemeister a few weeks ago. They are out of your home state of California. Seems to work flawlessly, and it puts out barely any heat. You can put your hands on the inlet pipe and surrounding wall and it does not feel very hot and doesnt burn



a couple with the hanging rods

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