Sausage with cheese in it?

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Nov 3, 2010
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I’m looking at making a ready to eat breakfast sausage or a smoke sausage for my son, but he wants me to put cheese in it. Has anyone every tried to make a sausage with cheese in it? He wants it to have chunks of cheese, not a melted cheese.   I have been looking at several types of hi temperature cheese, but I have never tried any and I have some concerns about their taste and the amount of salt they may have. He wants it kinda of like what you buy in the store, it is like a pepperoni with pieces of cheese throughout it or like what you would find at the dough nut shop, the ones around here sell a breakfast sausage wrapped with bread then baked, with cheese in it. I’m not sure how they pronounce its, but it is basically a pig in a blanket.  We will freeze it in small packages and he will heat it up in the microwave before school and take it with him on the way out the door.He wants it to be a ready to eat sausage that he can take with him to school and I want something that I don’t have to worry about making him sick. So my concern is can I put cure in a sausage with cheese and then smoke it ? and the cheese be in tact (chunks)?    Any ideals would be appreciated Shoneyboy  
I know that Butcher Packer and Sausage Maker have cheeses for sausages - Do you have a recipe in mind? If so you can take some cheese and add it to the recipe and give it a try. I have done it with meatballs several times so I know it can be done.
I add cheese to my snack sticks and it works out fine.Have used the high temp and used regular chedder and chunked it up and spread out on a paper plate and throw in the freezer fo a few days. I add the cheese just before stuffing, I dont smoke them any hotter than 170 and use 19 or 22mm casings.  Good luck is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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