Sausage stuffer rebuilding

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Looking good ! So far I have refurbished 4 Enterprise stuffers and getting all the gunk out of them is the hardest part . I reheat treated the inside of the cylinders and the stuffing plates on mine . Here's a tip for making it easier to clean up after using , I take a ziplock bag and position it in the cylinder with the corner of the bag pulled slightly out of the spout outlet. Then I pack the meat into the bag and cut the corner of the bag and attach the stuffing nozzle. You zip the bag shut and fold it into the top of the cylinder . I bought some heavy plastic pistons that fit these stuffer's on eBay. I place this on top of the bag and swing the stuffing plate into position and away we go. Hardly any meat gets on the stuffer this way and I just wipe it down with some cooking oil. I am working on an adapter as I type this that will turn the handle into a ratchet so it will be easier for my wife to find the sweet spot for leverage when she operates the crank. She can't stuff worth a damn and has to many blowouts so since she's cranky already it's the perfect job for her ! lol .
If she cannot pitch, teach her to catch?
I'm a one person show to stuff sausage, but would prefer if wife would handle the stuffed sausage into the sheet pan while I crank and control the stuff.
Great tips. I lose very little meat past the plunger plate. That bottom horn is my focus to force more meat to the stuff tube. I use dowels to clear the tubes.
If you have a 3d printer there is options.
One of these days I will get this stuffer finished.
I've been up to my eyeballs in work this last while, and don't exactly see it slowing down any time soon. I've got a meat grinder to wire up and plates for it to sharpen as well. Maybe I'll get around to making some sausages before the snow melts. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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