Salmon: Take two

Discussion in 'Fish' started by falmund, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. SO, as they say, get back on the horse that bucked you. Sam's had a nice fillet at a decent price. I passed on the brine this time, just lightly salted, brown sugar and dill. Just got the smoker up to temp (So easy now that I finished insulating it with concrete board). We're gonna let her rip at 250 with apple for a couple of hours and see what happens. The wife is skeptical after the first experience. I saw her clipping McDonald's coupons... I forgot to get prep pics, but I will post in progress and finished product.
  2. tasunkawitko

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    good luck! will be looking forward to results!

    i think a brine is probably only necessary when cold-smoking fish - for smoke-cooking fish, it loks like you dialed into a good thing now.
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    Not sure i would let it rip @ 250 for 2 hours ... At least without checking on them :)... Worst thing for salmon is to over-cook em.....At that themp i would check even at the 1 hour mark ( see if the meat is flakin').. Smoked salmon is awesome !!! Get some pics on here for us..[​IMG]
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    What he said I did a 3.5 pounder last weekend and it was done after about 1 hour 15. Nice 145degrees in the middle.
  5. Sorry, folks, forgot to post pics...I'm fired. Salmon turned out well. Not quite what I wanted, but it was serviceable. Turned it into a nice spread with cream cheese, served with crackers, rice and sliced apples. Took it in to work with me to good reviews.

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