Rookie setup question

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Jul 5, 2021
So I have an ironwood 650, and on recs from here got an Inkbird irf4s. One of the probes doesn’t have a point, so my sharp-as-a-hammer mind says that should be the one for smoker temp, instead of relying on the one in the smoker that everyone says isn’t accurate. Would this be a good place to set that up?


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Personally I moved mine around the first few cooks I did to find the "hot spot". I leave it there so I know what the hottest temp in the chamber is. Just how I do it.
I find a spot on the grate after the meat is on about 1 to 2" away from the meat.
Welcome to the site, I put it at grate level in the center , a biscuit test or put the leads in different area's to see where hot spots are, every smoker is different
I place right next to the meat on my offset, that's where I want to know what the temp is. RAY
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