Ribs and Shrimp

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Oct 28, 2005
South Central Pennsylvania
I want to thank the folks here that have offered advice and have taken the time to post the how to do it's. I decided to smoke some ribs for New Years Eve and they turned out exceptionally good. I used the 3,2,1, method. I also peeled some shrimp smeared on some BBQ sauce and smoked them along with the ribs, also very, very good. We had some family members over and they all offered rave reviews. Thanks to this forum my ribs went from edible to fantastic. I attached a couple of pictures, I hope it works.

Thanks again




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Hey Mike!
Those ribs and shrimp look absolutely awsome! It's interesting that you smoked the shrimp. I've been thinking of doing somethig very similar. How long did you smoke the shrimp? And also, what kind of rub or sauce did you put on them?
Hey Bill,
The smoked shrimp came out very good. I smoked them for about a half an hour open to take the smoke and then I wrapped them in foil for about another half an hour. The smoker temp was 225. I used the same BBQ sauce on them that I used on the ribs. It was Hunts original.

MIKE!! man that looks good, i wanted some ribs but had pulled chicken again :(

i am going to have to buy some shrimp to :D

The shrimp did turn out very good but I'm going to have to adjust the cooking time, they were just a little overdone. My wife and I will do the shrimp again. I'm gonna try the pulled chicken, I love chicken sandwhiches.


i had to break out smoke and spice on that one

they say 20 mins for shrimp
Mike, Way to go!! It's always nice to get rave reviews.
Since I got selected to host the Superbowl party at my new place next month (I bought the current owners 51 inch Big screen TV along with the house) I've been planning the Party Menu, so far I'm planning on Ribs, my Kick ass baked beans, some pepper poppers (both jalapeno and yellow banana peppers) and since my daughter saw you smoked shrimps that too has mysteriously appeared on my shopping list.

Thanks for the idea!!
Congrats on the new home and especially the BIG screen tv. The menu sounds very good. I can recommend the shrimp they were good. Although I did over cook mine a tad. Actually the real reason that I over cooked them is I waited until the ribs were about done to put them in the smoker. Well once I set the ribs and steamed shrimp on the table nobody wanted to wait until the smoked shrimp wer done to eat and I sort of forgot about them.Let me know how yours turn out.

Nice job, Mike!!

Thanks to those pictures, I guarantee that the smokes shrimp skewers will be on the appetizer table at the Super Bowl party this year!! :D

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