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Ribeyes In The Smoker?

simon templar

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Joined Dec 20, 2016
Guys....I need some pointers here.....

I've found some 1-1.5" ribeye steaks. My usual is doing them on the grill.....but my grill is dead and cannot be resurrected.

So, I've decided to try doing them in my smoker. This is new for me as I've only done ribs and pork shoulders in the smoker up to now. Alas...the dead grill also means no reverse searing (*unless I do it inside on the stove, of course)

If I go with smoker-only, what sort of time should I plan on? Any other tips or ideas?

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what kind of smoker do you have?...i have done steaks at 350 degrees in the smoker for like 15 minutes and they tasted great...if your smoker doesn't get that hot, pretty much consider it slow roasting and throw under the broiler for a minute per side when almost done for that rev sear. Since you are not going to be smoking but for 20 minutes or so max you can use a harsher wood such as mesquite and get a great flavor. if you use lump charcoal get some Kiawe or some chunks of Kiawe ( i think Lowes has it) its a Hawaiian sweet mesquite.

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Put them on the smoker and get around 10 degree of your finished temp, pull and throw on a screaming hot cast iron skillet to caramelize the crust to your liking, real butter thrown into the skillet 30 seconds before the steak can create a spectacular finished steak. but best done out side if possible to keep down the mess.

simon templar

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Joined Dec 20, 2016
Sorry. Guess I should have said at the outset.

I have an electric smoker. (the Smoke Hollow)

my initial plan had been a commercial marinade (e.g. Moore’s or Dale‘s) and slow roasting like a pork shoulder at like 220 give or take. But, I’m not absolutely married to this idea.

so....how long actually in the smoker should I plan for?
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I’m with Mike. Max out your smoker temp which I think is 275? Take them to 10 to 15 degrees of your finish temp then sear them in a hot cast iron skillet. Should be money. Can’t answer the time question , too many variables.


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I'll third their idea. Finishing in a skillet to get that sear and bring them to finish temp is a great idea. I reverse sear a lot. I pull them out of the smoker around 100/110 and then sear them to a finish (on a grill) of 125/130. Many swear by searing in a skillet. Most of the time they're perfect (for us.) Good luck.


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what mike said. do it all the time. the lower the smoker temp the longer you can keep them in there getting favored up. steak that thickness could go kinda quick.


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I put a light smoke on my steaks always. Whether I'm using my pellet smoker or offset. First depends on how much smoke you want and I would even say the wood being used.

If you go at 225 they're going to get a decent amount of smoke. Me personally too much smoke on my steaks and they start to taste kinda like a store bought beef jerky on the outside. I smoke beef with mesquite and go at 300 to 350 on offset stick burner. Then when they reach 10 degrees before desired I throw directly over the wood (my fire box has grill grates).

When I use the pellet grill I'll run at 225 but I usually just do it for about 30 mins then I crank it to 500 and start grilling.

Again this is just personal preference on the amount of smoke for my steaks but hope that helps.

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