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Aug 1, 2018
North Texas, Texoma
Grilled up one of those Ribeye's I got. Seasoned it first thing in morning. Had some fresh turnip greens and decided on the IP. Used some Buckboard bacon that was smokey. That smoke in it was nice.

IMG_20221209_152115013_HDR.jpg IMG_20221209_152323920.jpg IMG_20221209_162815725_HDR.jpg

Was going to do Jeff's Keto mash but did not have turnips so decided on my puree. This stuff is so easy and the flavor is so good. Probably the best tasting cauliflower dish I make.

IMG_20221209_162123430_HDR.jpg IMG_20221209_162211302.jpg

Next steak on the grill. This 30 year old silver B grill gets screaming hot! Steak was pretty big but cooked faster than I thought it would. Went 5 minutes first side and 3 the other. Ended up a little over for me but tasted great.

IMG_20221209_162724124_HDR.jpg IMG_20221209_170349981_HDR.jpg IMG_20221209_171446552_HDR.jpg

IMG_20221209_171451743_HDR.jpg IMG_20221209_171501365_HDR.jpg IMG_20221209_171530320_HDR.jpg

Thanks for looking.


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May 25, 2019
Long Island, NY
Nice Brian! looks perfect. We are doing Ribeyes on the grill tonight with collard greens and probably mashed cauliflower as well.
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