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Jan 29, 2007
between Columbus/Dayton Ohio
Well I am a farm worker and while I was in the fields you get a lot of time to think. I was thinking about my blood pressure, weight and, diabetic and then something gets my attention,it was a baby rabbit. It was not going to make it out of the path of the field caltivator in time so I stoped the tractor just in time to keep from running over him. He was safe from the tractor but not from the fate of life just as he got out of the way a big red tailed hawk swooped down and grabed him. So what I have came up with is that when it is your time to go ,it's your time to go. So when I go I hope it is with a plate of smoked meat , some of Dutches beans, and a baked tater. and stop worrying about the small stuff.
Bad day for the bunny.

Yup, when your number is up, there ain't no arguing about it. That's a cool thing you did though...
When I die, I hope to have a martini in one hand, a pulled pork sammie in the other, hair frazzled, skin winkled, saying, "Woo Hoo! What a ride!"
for myself i came to accept death at an early age... when its my time, its my time, i cant stop it...

live life to the fullest, live each day as it is your last, never go to bed mad at the missus, and always have a full belly...

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