Quick question about brining chicken thighs before smoking

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by providence, Jul 17, 2015.

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    Hey folks, I hope you are all well. I'm going to be smoking ribs and chicken thighs tomorrow. The ribs will be going at 225 so my plan is to smoke the thighs towards the end of the five or so hours I need for the baby backs. I want to brine the thighs overnight tonight. My question is this, after you brine the thighs, do you still season them with salt before they hit the smoker? I feel like the brine is enough salt and there's no need for additional seasoning, but I can never remember. Also, if you have any recommendations for pre-smoker brining, let me here them. I've brined chicken that I've then roasted, but never anything that involved spices. My brine has always just been salt, pepper, brown sugar and herbs. I'd like to use the same rub I'm using on the rubs for the chicken and was thinking of just adding the rub to the brine mixture. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!
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    You do not need to salt after brining. As for brine recipes, stick with what you have been using and it should be fine. The salt is really the only thing the migrates into the meat so you don't pick up much of the other flavors. 
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    Thanks my friend!

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