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Questions/advice? 275 tank


Joined Dec 4, 2020
So my neighbor and I have been doing propane cabinet, electric, and UDs smoking for years. Last fall we stumbled on a 275 tank, on a trailer. winter project. It WAS a diesel tknk for farm field use. We have the skills to cut safely. Before we do..............................................
1. vertical or horizontal orientation?
2. coals on the bottom or offset box? Im guessing some of that relates to question 1? Im guessing offset give the option to do both?
3. If Offset- reverse flow?
4. Air intake system/fan for temps?
5. Lump hardwood allll the way right?
6. other? thoughts, advice, shoulda coulda woulda?


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IMHO, diesel tanks are the worst possible choice for a food cooker. Could it be done? Yes, I suppose, but the diesel fuel impregnates into the steel. Would take one hell of a burn off to “boil” it all out.
Best of luck to you though. Post up your results as you go. That’s a big build.


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275 gallon tanks ma ok e great hog roasters (vertical) and decent large, open face grills (horizontal) . They can be made into smokers, but the light gauge metal is a pia to work with., but not impossible. I have built several hog roasters out of old ovals. I tried both horizontal and vertical configurations, and quickly discovered the vertical orientation is much easier and more efficient than the horizontal for roasting and smoking.
Regarding fuel residue, so long as the tank has only held diesel fuel/furnace oil, it will be good to go with some light cleaning and a proper burn out. The tanks I would avoid are those that have held leaded gas or waste oil from gas engines that burned leaded fuel. Yes it has been many years since leaded fuel was available for automotive use, but there are still a lot of old tanks around from that era. Unlike volatile residual fuel distillates, lead residue will not burn off the steel.
Good luck, post some pics of the build.

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